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By now, you know what drives you and makes you thrive. Recharge your nutrient stores to hit the road for the next fabulous phase of your life.
Delicious Customized MealsSan Francisco - Bay Area Only
Receive fresh, ready-to-eat meals for a 12-week program to navigate menopause related symptoms and get in shape. We get you covered for breakfasts, snacks and hearty meals for 5 days per week. You can skip any week and cancel anytime.
Exquisite Staples + SnacksNationwide
Receive a month's worth of delicious snacks and staples for your pantry to help balance your hormones and skip the sugar cravings (for less than the cost of a latte per day).
Effortless Pleasures to Reach your Peak Health.
seeds_icon100% Gut-friendly, plant-based, organic, fine-dining standard ingredients.
list_iconZero sugar added, zero additives or preservatives
vitamins_iconNutrient-dense bioavailable vitamins, minerals and coenzymes
plate_iconPortion-control + recipes you will love and adopt.
chart_iconUnique customized support to help you thrive.
Signs of menopause
Signs of menopauseYour journey is unique and various factors will impact when and how you will start noticing signs of menopause. On average, this will last about 4-5 years and you might experience:Chills, hot flashes, and night sweatsSleep problems and mood swingsWeight gain and slowed metabolismThinning hair and dry skin
Managing menopause symptoms with a nutrient-rich diet is an opportunity to transform your long term health.We digest thousands of clinical studies and peer-reviewed science to help you take the right steps to reverse your condition.
The gut microbiome regulates estrogens and impacts pre, peri, and post menopause symptoms
Low levels of gonadal circulating estrogen observed in post-menopausal women can adversely impact a diverse range of physiological factors, with clinical implications for brain cognition, gut health, the female reproductive tract and other aspects of women's health. One of the principal regulators of circulating estrogens is the gut microbiome.
People following a plant-based diet report less bothersome menopausal symptoms than omnivores
Lifestyle modifications that may reduce menopausal symptoms have generated much interest. The plant-based diet has been associated with a lower risk of chronic disease as well as a healthier hormonal milieu. It is also the most optimal diet to manage menopause and perimenopause symptoms according to a study of more than 700 women above the age of 45.
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Cheers to a new phase to live fully and focus on what you know matters the most.We help you build habits that your health, your microbiome, and your tastebuds will thank you for. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
WeTheTrillions. Public Benefit corporation, based in San Francisco, CA. All Rights Reserved.
WeTheTrillions Services are exclusively intended for wellness purposes. Substantial scientific research has established the positive impact of the ingredient combinations we use and recommend, however, our service does not guarantee results if other lifestyle changes are not integrated. The meals and support we offer are not intended to help treat or diagnose disease, or to substitute for physician’s consultation. All data provided is protected, and not stored or used except to offer more customized service to users. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

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