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Science is evolving everyday
and so are we.

It’s been 4 years and then some….

R + D

Snack jars with 4 brithday cake candles.

For more than 4 years, we have been exploring the fascinating worlds of agriculture, academia, healthcare, and food.

We thought hard about solving problems on first principle basis and developed algorithms to build bridges between siloed industries to push public health forward.

Multi-Omics for Food? Not yet.

Healthy isn’t an adjective to qualify food. It’s for living beings (such as you, your pet, your plant, your microbes - but not your smoothie🙄).

We use algorithms, neurosciences and peer-reviewed research to build customized healthful meals for a healthy you. We are getting ready for the multi-omics for food era, although we’re not there yet.

Get Healthful Meals

First comes the Soil…

While media and retailers were busy with labels such as « non-GMO », « organic » and « all natural », the elephant in the room was under our feet.

Monoculture and intensive farming have depleted soil from essential nutrients and left us with carrots and apples that are sometimes up to 20 times less nutrituous than the ones from a few decades ago. As a consequence, we only work with farms practicing sustainable soil practices to get you the nutrients you and your trillions will thrive on.

Fresh, organic chard shoots growing out of soil.

The optimal combination of minerals and water in the soil is what builds rich flavors…

Flavor is the foundation of what makes a healthful meal.

There is no such a thing as clean eating. This concept has been creating casts for eating well and establishing food-shaming as a norm.

Let’s swap « eating clean » for embracing delicious craveable meals that reconnect us with good memories and build the foundations of long-term health.

Embrace your Cravings

Even fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts (the good guys) sometimes contain anti-nutrients.

We fight them with heat, acids, and time.

PS: We only use plants. It’s not a dogma, just a requirement for a sustainable and more inclusive food and health systems.

Berries being sauteed into a compote for WeTheTrillions dressing.

Theory is great. Practice is better. We do both.

Sure, we could have built an app to tell you what to do and stay out of the tough business of food production. But that’s not right. We know you don’t have time or don’t live next to stores selling the best ingredients at the most accessible price.

We have also been through the paradox of being experts about what should be eaten but then make poor choices because we’re tired or busy. We rolled up our sleeves and made food our heart craves before our brain - to help you build your peak health.

Flavor is the foundation of what makes a healthful meal.

We only use 100% plant-based, organic, and nutrient-dense ingredients. We look beyond labels and taglines to understand how each flavor will please your palate and build your health.

We also have a proprietary way to make nutrients love each other to maximize bioavailability and get you the best nutrient-per-dollar ratio.

Design your Plan

Above all, we are learners. We commit to keeping our standards true to what has been validated by science, peer-reviewed research studies on people (not mice), and your tastebuds.

A photo of a WeTheTrillions salad being plated.
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WeTheTrillions. Public Benefit corporation, based in San Francisco, CA. All Rights Reserved.
WeTheTrillions Services are exclusively intended for wellness purposes. Substantial scientific research has established the positive impact of the ingredient combinations we use and recommend, however, our service does not guarantee results if other lifestyle changes are not integrated. The meals and support we offer are not intended to help treat or diagnose disease, or to substitute for physician’s consultation. All data provided is protected, and not stored or used except to offer more customized service to users. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy page.