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More than 50% of all meals are eaten during work hours.Make them count.
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Reengineering preventative healthcare

with Evidence-based Research, Microbiome Science, Algorithms, and Exquisite Food.

We place mobile Cupboards at your facility.We fill them every morning with fresh delicious clinically-proven meals your community will love and embrace.
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How is our mobile Cupboard different from your average fresh vending machine?
We offer unique meals that we design and make
We use peer-reviewed research and clinical studies to design and make customized meals that match specific health needs.
100% organic, plant-based + fine-dining standard
We source the best ingredients from nutrient-rich soils. All meals are plant-based and combine exquisite flavors that align with fine-dining standards.
Healthcare First Interface for trackable impact
In less than 30s, you can buy the meal you crave based a curated list of recommended recipes. Any choice you make will be the best choice for you.
Our prices beat groceries, retail, and restaurants
You are not only getting the most precise nutrient-mix you’ll love but we also optimize for nutrient-per-dollars. We are (on average) 30% cheaper than grocery shopping.

We work with you to find the perfect spot in your building.


We customize its look to your building style. No Style Faux-pas!

Install + Replenish

We take care of installing it and then replenishing it daily.

Educate + Delight

We keep your community engaged through on-site events and workshops.

Over one-third of college students are overweight or obese and this proportion doubles from freshman to senior years.Unlike former generations, today’s students are knowledgable about what should be eaten but often trade health for convenience and taste.Our mobile Cupboards offer a tech-savvy solution to engage students and staff with optimally nutritious meals without giving up on taste and convenience.
Property Managers
A 2018 CBRE report shows that health and wellness amenities come near the top of the features tenants are looking for (right after parking).Office and industrial tenants show a clear desire to include mobile healthy food as a competitive advantage to attract talent.Join leading-edge property managers in expanding the impact of your buildings in reshaping sustainability and public health. We are here to help.
The average patient that walks into a hospital is healthier than its hospital staff in terms of obesity and chronic disease.This is often due to poor nutrition facilities in the workplace, nowhere to store food, and canteens too far or even closed during night shifts.We are committed to helping you change this in your hospital.
For every dollar invested in corporate health interventions, employees recoup between $1.40 and $4.60 in avoided medical costs and productivity loss.Unlike more traditional and health interventions focused on individual willpower, trackable workplace health and wellness programs are sustainable over time, clinically meaningful, and more effective.59.4% of employees expect their employer to be involved in their health. Taking action to bring health-driven solutions increase engagement, productivity, and employee retention.Work with us to make this a unique and enjoyable experience for your community without breaking your budget.
Cities / Food Deserts
The term “Food Deserts” describes communities that have limited access to affordable and nutritious foods. This often occurs in lower-income, inner-city, and rural areas dominated by convenience stores filled only with highly processed shelf-stable foods.Extended research shows that those who must travel far to get access to wholesome meals are much less likely to consume the recommended amounts of nutrients needed to be healthy.Let’s join forces to create a partial payment system with government nutrition assistance programs (SNAP, Food stamps, etc) to transform food accessibility and health outcomes in your neighborhood.
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WeTheTrillions. Public Benefit corporation, based in San Francisco, CA. All Rights Reserved.
WeTheTrillions Services are exclusively intended for wellness purposes. Substantial scientific research has established the positive impact of the ingredient combinations we use and recommend, however, our service does not guarantee results if other lifestyle changes are not integrated. The meals and support we offer are not intended to help treat or diagnose disease, or to substitute for physician’s consultation. All data provided is protected, and not stored or used except to offer more customized service to users. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy page.